Monthly Archives: March 2011


Back in January I blogged about the differences between the SoundCloud and BandCamp websites.  At the time, I didn’t mention Alonetone because it didn’t really have a natural comparison to SoundCloud or BandCamp.  Yes, it’s a website where you can upload your music for others to discover and download, but that’s where the similarities end.

Alonetone is a privately-owned, non-commercial website built by a musician named Sudara and is provided free of charge for all.  Songs can be uploaded in MP3 format only (up to 40MB in size)  and a link to your track is automatically included on the homepage for others to see and stays there until other users upload tracks and your song drops off the list.

There are several ways in which Alonetone is unique over SoundCloud and BandCamp:

  1. The website doesn’t allow you to specify a genre for your songs, allowing more people to find your music.
  2. You must allow people to download your songs for free.
  3. The site has a random shuffle feature, allowing people to discover music “by accident”.
  4. You cannot attach artwork to your songs.
  5. You get to see who has actually listened to your music, not just how many listens you’ve had.  Admittedly you can do this with SoundCloud, but you have to pay extra.
  6. There is no cap on the number of downloads of your songs.

Alonetone is a nice site and yet another good way of putting your music “out there” for others to discover.  I sometimes find that the site runs slowly or becomes inaccessible, but that’s because it’s a privately-funded website and the owner lacks the financial resources of SoundCloud and BandCamp, but the site is growing in popularity and is definitely worth using.

Sudara is to be commended for his dedication to building, running and financing this website and I wish him the best of luck for the future.